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Epifanes Brush Thinner 500ml

Epifanes Brush Thinner 500ml
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  • CW11268
A high quality thinner for brushing or rolling most one-component primers, paints and varnishes.... more
Product information "Epifanes Brush Thinner 500ml"

A high quality thinner for brushing or rolling most one-component primers, paints and
varnishes. The double distillation of this thinner provides maximum purity.

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Epifanes yacht varnish is one of the best marine varnishes for yachts, boats, spars and wooden boats. The varnishes can provide either a high gloss effect using their UV resistant gloss varnish, ideal for a mirror-like long lasting varnish finish,  or when Epifanes Rubbed Effect Varnish is used as a top coat you can achieve a popular modern mat varnish finish. Epifanes yacht varnishes are coatings and made for the harshest of climates in the sun and salt air, as such, they are also popular with those looking for a high quality long last domestic of commercial varnish including bars and external woodwork.

Epifanes has been established for 115 years and was started in the great boat owning nation of Holland, now used by boat builders, refitters and DIY yacht owners the world over who appreciate the Epifanes varnish finish. If you require Epifanes paint, printer, epoxy coating or fillers, please contact us and we will be happy to provide a quote.