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Coast Torches are tough, waterproof nearly unbreakable torches for sailing, outdoor activities, hiking or working. The mix of torches and lanterns offered by Portlands USA based Coast spans inexpensive head torches as a grab and go, walk the dog or hunt in the bilge type lighting all the way to military grade super bright focussing rechargeable hand torches or spotlights. Coast Torches are tested, reviewed and well regarded, the torches themselves are genuinely rugged, we have dropped them, taken them swimming, abandoned them in salt water and generally put a torch through its paces, they survive and ready to work. Sailing torches do have to be tough, salt water is a killer, a head torch will be knocked and dropped and they have to work, sometimes in life or death man overboard situations or tricky navigation (especially lobster pots!). As a minimum, the headtorches and hand torches and lanterns have a 5-year warranty and some are a lifetime. 


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Coast G19 LED Pen Torch
Coast G19 LED Pen Torch
Pocket size weatherproof LED extra tough torch with a focusing beam. Great for keeping in a toolbox, Not only is it ultra compact with a pocket clip, the G19 Flashlight has a Coast perfectly circular inspection beam optic that cast light...
£9.95 * £11.95 *
Coast FL19 LED Head Torch
Coast FL19 LED Head Torch
The Coast FL19 LED Head Torch (also known as a headlamp) is a super bright, incredibly strong wide angled IPX4 weatherproof torch. The lifetime warranty offered by Coast tells the story with the head torch, it is impact resistant and...
£19.95 * £29.95 *