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Zhik Eco X Neoprene Free Wetsuits

There is something about sailing that makes you think of being intertwined with the natural world, for a start you are using wind to power you over water, sailing itself is about as pollutant free as anyone will ever achieve.

The problem is that the boats we use and the clothing we wear are not so environmentally perfect, enter race clothing company Zhik. In a rather under the radar type way the Australians have brought out a range of incredibly good dinghy clothing that is made from both recycled materials and is neoprene free.

Going back 20 years often clothing made from anything recycled had a slightly hippy slant or was not always the most totally up to the job of protecting from water. Zhik don’t do hippy clothing, they are one of if not the most technical sailing clothing company out there so the new range is made to work and work really well. Sailors, embracing and using nature for sport and fun now have a choice to make that final loop of being low impact.

So what has Zhik included in the Eco X system? Basically everything needed to keep warm on the water, with a rash vest and skiff suit.

The Rash Vest - Zhik Mens Eco Spandex Top

Made from 100% recycled PET plastic bottles this top is incredibly comfortable, offers the same 50+ UPF sun protection, flat locked seams and anatomical fit as their standard rash vests but is taking plastic bottles out of the environment and reusing them. We think this is by far the best looking and coolest rash vest out there - the colour is stand out and different.

The Skiff Suit - Zhik Mens Microfleece X Eco Skiff Suit

This is the biggest win, neoprene is oil based and not biodegradable, yes your old wetsuit may perish but those little bits don’t degrade away. The X Eco really is a new era and with 80% of the composition derived from plant-based material and the the outer fabric again made from recycled PET bottles this suit marks a big change. The thing is - technically we think it is even better than a normal Zhik Microfleece skiff suit, it offers the same amazing comfort and warmth but is even more flexible and stretchy. This is literally one of the bets skiff suits for the money out there and a chance for sailors to make a difference

 The Skiff Suit Top - Zhik Microfleece x Eco Top

Made from the same materials as the main skiff suit this is the final piece in the Zhik Eco X range that brings together one of the best dinghy sailing wetsuit combos. 3D body mapped fit , totally neoprene free and with legendary stretch make no mistake this is part of a winning list of new products from Zhik.

Zhik have not compromised on thermal properties, flex, style, or quality and we hope are the start of something that will become normal across sailing clothing and wetsuits. The Zhik Eco X range is available to buy in store and online

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