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Cobra Marine VHF Radios

Cobra VHF's offer exceptional value for money, the latest features such as DCS and bluetooth as well as a tough rugged and dependable design. Fixed or handheld VHF units perfect for inside a yacht at the chart table, at the helm or on a RIB. Waterproof, rugged and floating options mean that Cobra is offering something for everyone. Low priced handheld VHFs as well as sterdy fixed units. Good value is not to be confused with budget, each VHF has numerous features, easy to read display, multi channel monitoring a playback option and several power and battery configurations. 

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Cobra HH350 Floating Handheld VHF Radio
Cobra HH350 Floating Handheld VHF Radio
The Cobra HH350 Handheld VHF Radio is a floating easy to use VHF. With a max power of 6 Watts the radio is an ideal choice for coastal use, tender to yacht or as a back up unit. Tough and IPX7 submersible with a raft of features...
£109.95 * £119.99 *
Cobra MR F57B E Fixed VHF Submersible
Cobra MR F57B E Fixed VHF Submersible
The Cobra F57 Fixed DSC VHF is a rugged and waterproof all-weather fixed marine VHF. With a clear and easy to use screen and controls. This VHF has a power range from 1 to 25 Watts making it perfect for coastal cruising, use on a RIB or...
£139.95 * £159.99 *
Cobra MR HH600E DSC Handheld VHF Radio
Cobra MR HH600E DSC Handheld VHF Radio
A floating handheld marine VHF with GPS, DSC & Bluetooth in one neat package. The Cobra MRHH600 VHF is practical, rugged and setting a new standard. For the price this really is a lot of VHF. A built in GPS shows coordinates on screen...
£189.95 * £209.99 *
Cobra-F77-DSC GPS VHF Submersible
Cobra F77 DSC VHF Radio with GPS built in
The Cobra F77B Fixed DSC VHF Radio with built-in GPS. The built-in GPS very much makes this a plug and play DSC waterproof VHF, easy to set up and quick to install. Like its sibling F57 VHF (which does not have built-in GPS) the unit has...
£179.95 * £199.99 *