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Gill OS2 Oilskins.

Gill OS2 sailing clothing has been around for a while now, in fact at Captain Watts Gill OS2 is our best selling range of waterproof jackets and trousers.

Aimed firmly at coastal and offshore sailors who will cruise extensively for short to medium length passages and in most weathers. We now expect waterproof breathable and windproof sailing jackets as standard in all but the most basic set of oilskins. Unsurprisingly Gill OS2 2017 (code name OS23) does all of these and more. See the Latest Gill OS2 Offers here  

The 2017 update is not so much a revolution as evolution, changing the style from a fashion perspective more than cut and adding in some tweaks to the hood of the jacket and utility of the trouser. The Gill OS2 Jacket and Trousers are tried and tested by many a cruising sailor.

Made from a two-layer laminated fabric with fully taped seams (standard across most of the competition as well) Gill have deployed what they call moisture-management technology. What this actually means is the through the use of hydrophobic and hydrophilic technology the construction of the jacket firstly does not attract water (the outer layer) and also pulls water into it (from the inside).

The scientific explanation of this is somewhat more complicated but the end result is moisture taken away from your body and the outer layer of the OS2 jacket or trousers is repellent to water. Safe in the knowledge your OS2 jacket is doing its best to keep you dry and moisture free we can look at the more visible parts of the suit.

From a comfort perspective the big fleece lined collar is a bonus in colder conditions and great protection from driving rain and spray. New for 2017 is a redesigned hood that is easier to stow, three-way adjustable and fluorescent. A PU inner seal keeps the water out of the cuffs (missing on some of the lower cost competition) and an adjustable outer cuff further helps to avoid water ingress. Storage wise, Gill have started using Aquaguard zips across the OS2 series which means water resistant zips as standard for the chest level hand warmer pockets. Cargo pockets (non zipped) have also got a hand warmer pocket behind them and there is an internal security hide away inside the jacket ideal for cards or keys complete with zip.

Trousers have a fleece lined hand warmer pocket and thigh-level cargo style pocket. Gill have realised that things in pockets can be annoying to reach with gloves in a hurry or half way up the mast so for 2017 the OS2 trousers now have a D-ring attachment ideal for multi tools, a knife or even a key. Good news for RIB and tender users as this is quite a handy place for kill cord attachment.

With the last model of the OS2 (the OS22), we felt Gill had got things close to spot-on for fit but both the men’s and women’s OS23 jackets and trousers have taken things a little step further, well as much as you can when you are designing the outer part of a multi-layered clothing system. You will never win a fashion parade dressed for sea. But with adjustment to the collar, two-way zipper, adjustable cuffs and shock cord hem on the jacket and adjustable braces, elasticated waist and ankle closures on the trousers there is a good degree of self-tailoring to be done. Women also get the added bonus of a drop gusset in the trousers which helps make a fully clothed trip to the head a little easier.

The 2017 Gill OS2 looks set to continue to be our best selling sailing suit, the changes are subtle but nonetheless great improvements. We have some amazing savings against RRP with free shipping also offered to much of the UK. Alternatives? It would be worth having a quick look at the Musto BR2 and Zhik Kiama X, both are at very similar prices and offer broadly the same features. The Zhik Kiama X brings some additional fabric technology advancements to the table whilst the Musto BR2 appeals to those looking for a more traditional approach from a trusted name.

You can find the latest Gill OS2 offers here or more sailing clothing from Musto, Zhik and Henri Lloyd as well as Gill here 

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