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Classic Boat, Wood & Epoxy Lamination Skills 'How To' with a Shipwright

In this video Leo from the Sampson Boat Co. takes us through lamination using epoxy, replacing an old oak floor with new iroko. Better known for his ongoing restoration and rebuild of the 107-year-old yacht, Tally Ho, Leo is taking a short break and working at a yard in Cornwall, where this demonstration wash shot, The video is a really good practical demonstration of laminating wooden boat timbers to replace tired or rotten beams and floors. Obtaining a good quality grown oak crook in the right shape is not easy and as a result, many classic boat repairs and restorations use laminated wooden frames, floors and beams. 

In his latest video, Leo talks you through the lamination process using epoxy, re-building and shaping a new floor for a 1938 yacht that he is working on in Cornwall. We are big fans of learning from video and this has to be one of the easiest to follow and practically interesting explanations of how to use epoxy for lamination of iroko. Watching the shaping of the laminated timbers makes it seem rather easier than our experience would tell us to fit the floor!

You also get a great lesson on the tricky job of inserting new keel bolts and the use of red lead powder and linseed oil for a bedding compound.

If you are about to start laminating job on your yacht or boat have a look at 

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or for larger lamination work

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Leo also used Red Lead Powder, a favourite of wooden boat builders for mixing a bedding compound.

To learn more about the restoration of Tally Ho, Leo and the Sampson Boat Co. visit their Youtube Channel



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