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Capt. Tolley's Creeping Crack Cure 60ml

Capt, Tolleys Creeping Crack Cure
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  • CW10585
The creeping crack cure finds and fixes leaks. The product is suitable for leaking windows,... more
Product information "Capt. Tolley's Creeping Crack Cure 60ml"

The creeping crack cure finds and fixes leaks. The product is suitable for leaking windows, portlights, decks and all deck fittings. The multi-functional filler is practical and will save you time and effort. Available in 60ml the sealant is cleverly formulated to be as thin as water so gets drawn in to hairline cracks that arise from stress and use over time.

Technically speaking this is a low viscosity coploymer adehsive (you can see why that is not in the name!) Once applied the creeping crack sure will create a watertight seal that is strong yet remains flexiible and is clear. Developed for boats it is now widely used in both automotive and caravan sectors partly for the unique fact that as a sealant it works with nearly every type of material including rubber, wood, hard plastic, glass, concrete, metals, ceramics and even other sealants. 

Creeping crack cure is suitable for harline cracks, ideally less than 1mm. Application should be done when the crack is as dry as possible and out of frost or rain. Simply apply the sealant sparingly in 30 min intervals until the crack is filled. The sealant cures in 24 hours and should then be ready for use. 

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