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Marlec HRSi Wind Turbine Regulator

Marlec HRSi Wind Turbine Regulator
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  • CW12790
HRSi wind generator controller suitable for the Rutland 504 Wincharger and Rutland 918i... more
Product information "Marlec HRSi Wind Turbine Regulator"

HRSi wind generator controller suitable for the Rutland 504 Wincharger and Rutland 918i Windcharger. The HRSi regulator brings intelligence to the battery charging on a yacht or boat utilising the power of a wind generator and managing the needs of the batteries to control the turbine.

As well as the wind energy input the unit is designed to take an input of up 160 Watts from solar panels (at peak rate) making this an easy way to control battery charge from renewables on aboard in one simple, easy to use device. The Rutland HRSi is a designed for a single battery bank control, for dual bank control we recommend the HRDi controller.

Using PWM (pulse width modulation) to prevent overcharging the controller will reduce charge when required and gradually reducing charge and turbine speed as required. When more input energy is required as the batteries discharge the controller will increase the speed of the turbine (if possible) and thus energy generation. With automatic voltage detection, 12v or 24v and easy to connect this is a simple leave it be device but there is also a manual override..

  • Automatic detection of 12v or 24v
  • Easy to read LEd indicators
  • Manual override
  • PWM finely controlled power prevents over charging and adjusts to demand
  • Solar power can also be connected
  • Easy installation
  • Suitable for a single battery bank
  • HRSi Notes: 1. Solar panels must be fitted with diodes 2. Batteries must be connected first for auto detection 3. Care should be taken when connecting the HRSi, as with all electrical devices, reverse polarity connection will cause damage to the HRSi.
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